Dr Derek Kreckler - Appropriated Circumstance

Derek Kreckler was awarded a doctorate (DCA–Creative Arts) from the University of Wollongong in 2012. Since 1977 Derek has been working across performance, video sound and photography, examining the transformation of modes of historical avant-gardism into the present. He has exhibited internationally in China, Korea, USA, and the UK, and extensively throughout Australia. Recent group exhibitions include: Littoral as part of LANDSEASKY at OCAT, Shanghai, 2014; Good Little Soldier (set design and video) Radialsystem V Berlin, 2013; Holey (objects and photographs) The Clemenger Contemporary Art Award at the National Gallery of Victoria, 2003; The Adelaide Biennale of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia 2004; White Goods ‘On Reason and Emotion’, the 2004 Biennale of Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney.

Appropriated Circumstance 2012 traces the development of a photographic artwork installed in a public space. Two images from the series were shown on Billboards on the Prince’s Highway south of Sydney. The locations were Heathcote and Waterfall. These suburbs mark the border between Sydney and the Dharawahl region known as the Illawarra. The work features two indigenous men (Roy Kennedy and Kelton Pell). The photograph shows the two men looking at a painting by Eugene von Guerard called, Lake Illawarra and the distant mountains of Kiama painted in 1860. Appropriated Circumstance is an abstraction of various things. The material elements of the work are varied: Apart from the personnel, the photographic

and print necessities, biography and personal references also played a part in the production and manifestation of the work. These elements if not obvious to the viewer are important to me as any material, physical or visual aspect of the completed work.

From The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy - A Symposium. 19th — 21st of March 2015.