Dr James Hullick - Is Recursion an Absolute?

Composer, sound artist, researcher and director James Hullick was McKenzie Fellow at UoM 2012-14 and is currently undertaking an Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship and the Michael Kieran Harvey Scholarship for Piano. As director of JOLT Arts (www.joltarts. org) and The Click Clack Project (www. clickclackproject.org), and as an artist showing at Mars Gallery, Hullick is emerging as one of Australia’s leading cutting-edge arts practitioners, thinkers and community arts advocates.

Hullick devoted his PhD research to examining the functionality of recursion in sonic art. Recursion was de ned through Hullick’s research as “any process that iterates itself”. In this presentation he articulates an enquiry into the question “Is recursion absolute?” in order to challenge the golden rule of academia: nothing is absolute. Hullick will contextualise the presentation in relation to his doctoral research findings. In particular, it was found that recursion could not be erased from any of the sonic projects undertaken during Hullick’s doctoral study: that is, if sound is present, then recursion must also be present.

Hullick will devote roughly 20 minutes of this presentation to the live composing of a musical score in front of the audience. The score will be performed by a small ensemble of string players and a conductor while Hullick is composing it. His paper will be pre-recorded and played back over the musical performance.

From The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy - A Symposium. 19th — 21st of March 2015.