Dr Phoebe Hart - Orchids: Gardening Creative Practice on Screen

Phoebe Hart is an academic and a writer, director and producer of documentaries, factual content and children’s television. In 2009 Phoebe completed her PhD at QUT entitled Orchids: Intersex and Identity in Documentary, which received a Dean’s Commendation, and out of which grew an innovative long form documentary lm for ABC1 entitled Orchids: My Intersex Adventure. The lm premiered at the Brisbane International Film Festival where it was voted the number one lm of the festival by audiences, and went on to win an Australian Teachers of Media Award and an Australian Directors Guild Award, among many others.

Orchids: Gardening creative practice on screen explores the creative practice and exegetical challenges of working with bodies with intersex in the long-form auto/ biographical documentary lm Orchids: My Intersex Adventure. Just as creative practice research challenges the dominant hegemony of quantitative and qualitative research, so does my creative work position itself as a nuanced piece, pushing the boundaries of traditional cultural studies theories, documentary lm practice and creative practice method, through its distinctive distillation and celebration of a new form of discursive rupturing, the intersex voice.

From The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy - A Symposium. 19th — 21st of March 2015.