Dr Sally Berridge - Is the Flower Always in the Almond?

Sally Berridge’s creative research is well- grounded in the life sciences of botany, zoology, physiology and microbiology, as well as physics and analytical chemistry. She spent nearly 20 years as an objective research scientist before gladly stepping towards the dark side (subjectivity) at art school. Later she was able to combine creative writing and her art practice into the form of a practice-led PhD at the University of Canberra. Her disrupted colonial childhood and subsequent multiple migrations (India, England, Kenya, England, Australia) led her to autobiography, and with it, contemplation of the effects of autobiographical work on memory and identity.

Following my exploration of autobiography, memory, creativity and identity in my PhD studies, I wanted to re-visit some of the material I had gathered but did not use. I have been considering the idea of teleology (the evidence of design or purpose in nature) and its connection with the nature of creativity. This has taken me to dark matter and dark energy, alchemy (of course!), the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Sequence (and to many other places).

Using art/o/graphy I will present a still movie in the black and white style of La Jetée (Chris Marker) using my original images, and I will reference the work of Gaston Bachelard and Jerome Bruner amongst others. My intention is to create a dynamic dialogue between practice and its theoretical framing.

My images will also be present in solid form as an artist’s book.

The artist’s books that formed my PhD thesis will also be on display.

From The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy - A Symposium. 19th — 21st of March 2015.